Private Tours

No tour listed on your requested date? No problem! We do all our tours on a privately booked basis every day of the week, according to your schedule, at affordable rates. Private tours offer more customization for special requests, including favorite foods, special-interest markets, vegetarians, and more, and we can also provide hotel pick-up for an additional fee. Fill out the contact form below for any special requests, and check out a few more possibilities!

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Markets Extravaganza
Wander through a wholesale market filled with what appears to be all the tea in China, then pick out a new pet at the local bird and cricket market. We’ll also drop by Shanghai’s antique market for some good old-fashioned bargaining before finishing up in Shanghai’s most commercial district.
Vegetarian Voyage
Hungry for the tastiest Chinese cuisine and tired of wondering if there is pork hiding in the tofu? This vegetarian tasting tour takes the guess work out of eating in China, leaving guests to enjoy a wide variety of classic Chinese dishes, from spicy sesame noodles to traditional Buddhist cuisine, dumplings and exotic desserts.  Custom tours available for ovo-vegetarian and ovo-lacto vegetarian guests.

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Weird Meat
In China, the saying goes, “People will eat anything with four legs except a table and anything with wings except an airplane.” We’ve got the strangest food in Shanghai on a platter, and some of it’s surprisingly tasty. Do you have what it takes to eat like a local?

Chinese ClassChinese Cooking Class
This cooking class starts with a wet market tour. With our local chef by your side, you will learn how to grocery shop like the Shanghainese at a neighborhood wet market. Bargain hard for your daily bread so you can cook everything on today’s menu!
barCocktail Hour
Get Shanghai’ed by China’s best nightlife. From clubs in bomb shelters to sky high lounges, Shanghai has a bar that will tipple your fancy! Beer, cocktails, wine – or even a lesson in China’s homegrown spirit, baijiu, we’ve got it all covered.
gaysGaysian Nightlife Adventure
From shades of red to bright pink, find out why Shanghai is the new breakout gay travel destination. We’ll hit up the weekend hotspots and make sure you maximize your late-night time with a good crowd. Shanghai’s scene needs to be seen to be believed!