Shanghai Culinary Tour


UnTour Shanghai takes the guesswork out of eating like a local in China. We know that ordering in a Chinese restaurant (or a street food stall) when faced with nothing but characters can be intimidating, so we’ve combined almost a decade of experience eating our way through Shanghai into delicious bite-sized tours. Over the course of the tour, you’ll sample the equivalent of one very large meal at 3-6 stops with several different dishes at each stop. While you’re experiencing the city’s food scene, you’ll also walk through the city’s traditional street scenes, parks and neighborhoods and see how the locals live.

Your Guide

From jam-packed hole-in-the-wall joints to queue-worthy street food stalls, UnTour Shanghai leads you through a culinary world that is nearly impossible to navigate without a Mandarin speaking guide at your side. Your bilingual, native-English speaking guide is on hand to help translate, advise and answer any questions you have about life in China – and they’ll also fill you in on Chinese food traditions, local history and make recommendations for your time in Shanghai.

Personal Groups

We’ll never put you in a bus or make you follow a flag. All of our culinary tours are intimate, personal and designed to make you feel like you’re just chatting with an old friend. You’ll never have to fight to hear, or to get a bite of what’s on offer.

Small & Intimate

Our tours typically range from 1-10 guests, but we can accommodate special requests for larger groups. Just email info(at) with your specific needs.

You’re safe!

We only work with trusted vendors whom we’ve been frequenting for years. These stops are our absolute favorite places to eat – the same places we take our family and friends.

Tours include:

  • All food and beverage tastings
  • UnTour Shanghai welcome pack
  • Knowledgable, bilingual expat guide
  • After-tour recipes & follow-up info

A foodie’s dream, this tasting tour shows you Shanghai’s culinary underworld of noodle joints that have a cult-like following. Each stop showcases the city’s best mom and pop noodle shops – from homemade wheat noodles smothered in a delicious sesame sauce to knife-cut noodles in a simmered beef broth. Watch freshly made noodles pulled out of a lump of dough and sample the best pasta this side of Italy. Trust us, you’ve never tasted anything like this before!Street Eats – Breakfast
Wake up with the city to enjoy the breakfast of (Chinese) champions with this morning tour. You’ll sample the city’s famous xiaolongbao, see freshly pulled noodles, nosh on street snacks and more.

When: Sundays & Tuesdays at 8:00 am


shanghai dumpling food tour

Hands on Dumpling Delights
For more than 2,000 years, Chinese chefs have been perfecting dumplings in all their delicious forms. Then get your hands dirty with a one-hour dumpling making class with a local chef.

When: Wednesdays & Saturdays at 10:00 am



night markets oysters

Street Eats Night Markets
When the sun goes down, the woks fire up along the streets of Shanghai’s night markets. Our most popular culinary walk features more than a dozen tastings (with beer!) for a fun night out with new friends.

When: Mondays & Thursdays at 7 pm