UnTour Shanghai is Hiring!

We are looking for outgoing, passionate tour guides available on a part time/freelance basis for a growing culinary tourism company. Who we are: A top-rated walking culinary tour company based in Shanghai. We cater to tourists/expats who want to know more about the food scene in Shanghai. Over the last four years we’ve taken thousands […]

How to Eat like Anthony Bourdain in Shanghai

The first episode of Season 4 of Parts Unknown took us down some pretty familiar alleyways. (Haven’t seen it yet? You can download it free on iTunes!) Anthony Bourdain’s philosophical musings about where all the communism went serve as background music, and you see locals slurp soup dumplings, eat ribs with chopsticks, toast with baijiu […]

Chinese Dice Games Guide

By Devon Fownes Playing drinking games in a second language can be a recipe for inebriated disaster, but in China, dice games provide the perfect ladder to climb over any language barrier at the bar.  Whether you’re cheers-ing with colleagues from around the world or in a club with the bass bumping so hard you […]

How to Avoid Tourist Scams in Shanghai

By Devon Fownes Shanghai is one of the safest cities in the world for visiting foreigners as there is little violent crime and just the occasional petty theft. In recent years, police have cracked down on con artists trying to swindle foreigners out of their holiday budget, but tourists should still be on the lookout […]

36 Hours In Shanghai Includes DUMPLINGS

Of course we were super excited to see the New York Times finally update their 36 Hours in Shanghai article back in November. The city changes quickly so they really should do an update every year from here on out. But I digress. We were of course even more excited to be included for our […]

Gift Certificates Available!

Looking for the perfect gift for that special someone who has it all? We firmly believe that experiences make the best gifts, which is why we are totally excited to be offering gift certificates for any of our tours. You can make it for a specific dollar amount for the traveler who will want to […]

GLL Wontons – now in English

If you’ve spent much time wandering around Shanghai, you’ve probably noticed the GLL Wonton empire that has been expanding around Shanghai, especially so in the last 3 years or so. There’s about as many as there are Starbucks, and that is really saying something. Anyways, it’s fast food wontons that are cheap and tasty in […]