Shanghai’s Food Delivery Options

There are times when a food tour is just not a convenient choice – we realize this – so we have compiled a guide of some of Shanghai’s top food delivery companies. Don’t fight the urge to stay in your pajamas and finish that season of Orange is the new Black on DVD. You’re not […]

Commence Vegetarian Voyage!

Over the past few years we’ve seen our requests for vegetarian tours go through the roof. We know that eating a completely meat-free diet in China can be challenging, as many dishes have bits of ‘hidden’ meat to flavor dishes – tofu-based dishes included. We were honored to have the Guardian write up our Vegetarian […]

Vice TV Gives Shanghai’s Food Scene Some Love

Eddie Huang has made a name for himself in America, cooking up his family’s recipes and delivering them in a brash, hip (I guess) in-your-face kind of style. Love him or hate him, he does make for delicious TV. Vice’s camera crew (yes, the same people behind the Dennis Rodmn in North Korea trips) follows […]

Jing’an Villas Restaurants Are Totally Closed

We had hope that the closure would be temporary and that the businesses would spring back – but it seems that’s not going to be the case. Poised to become the ‘next Tianzifang’ the area was a mostly residential block with many cute shops, cafes, noodle shops, Hong Kong milk tea stores popping up in […]

Staying For a Chinese New Year Shanghai Staycation? Live it up!

If you’ve been considering getting out of Shanghai on some last minute travel during the upcoming holiday, be prepared for some serious airfare STICKER SHOCK. Even relatively close places like, Seoul, Bangkok, and Beijing(?!) (which normally hover around the US$250 range for a RT ticket) are pushing towards the US$700 range. Crazy! So, may as […]

Kid-Friendly Dining, North Korean Dinnertainment & More on Culinary Backstreets

Missed out on the recent posts we’ve made to Culinary Backstreets? Here’s a round-up of some of our favorite posts from the past couple months. Got kids? Good news! Shanghai’s dining scene is innately kid-friendly. If you’re looking for food that will appeal to both picky toddler and adolescent foreign palates, you can’t go wrong with […]

Vegetarian Dining Guide to Shanghai

Knowing exactly what you’re eating in China can be a challenge – partly due to the flowery menu translations (“Red Burned Lion Head” “Chicken without Sex” etc. etc.)  and partly because a dish may contain bits of meat for flavoring, even if the dish is listed in the vegetable or tofu section. We know that vegetarians […]