GLL Wontons – now in English

If you’ve spent much time wandering around Shanghai, you’ve probably noticed the GLL Wonton empire that has been expanding around Shanghai, especially so in the last 3 years or so. There’s about as many as there are Starbucks, and that is really saying something. Anyways, it’s fast food wontons that are cheap and tasty in […]

Favorite Foodie Feedback

We often say that the best part of our jobs is meeting great guests from around the world and really getting to know them over the course of the culinary experience. For the guests, we hope the food is the best part, but we love when we get positive feedback on the experiences we offer. […]

Noshing on North Korean Food in Shanghai

After writing up a review on Shanghai’s mini-chain of Pyongyang restaurants and then a company outing to yet another branch, we’ve collected our share of WTF pictures and video from the dinner show. Starting at about 7:30 PM each night, it’s about 45 minutes of dancing, coordinating synthesizer pop, general saxophone tomfoolery and so much […]

Where to Eat in Beijing & Xi’an

Along with Shanghai, Beijing and Xi’an usually round out any three-city itinerary for first time China travelers. In our welcome packet, UnTour Shanghai provides all of our guests with detailed information about the best places to eat in Shanghai, but we want to make sure you dine on delicious food the entire time you’re in […]


Shanghai is an incredibly safe city, but we do like to remind everyone to be vigilant in busy areas – subways, malls, crowded shopping streets, etc. are all prime areas for pickpockets and thieves. As the video below reminds us all to well, you can be just sitting there playing Angry Birds on your iPad, […]

Shanghai Sub-Reddit

Reddit is quickly becoming the forum of choice for funny, often engaging news, comments and discussion. The Shanghai board is well-moderated, so it’s pretty much spam-free info. If you’ve got a question, post it and people are pretty quick to help out. There is an FAQ with tons of info, and check the sidebar for […]

Shanghai’s Food Delivery Options

There are times when a food tour is just not a convenient choice – we realize this – so we have compiled a guide of some of Shanghai’s top food delivery companies. Don’t fight the urge to stay in your pajamas and finish that season of Orange is the new Black on DVD. You’re not […]

Commence Vegetarian Voyage!

Over the past few years we’ve seen our requests for vegetarian tours go through the roof. We know that eating a completely meat-free diet in China can be challenging, as many dishes have bits of ‘hidden’ meat to flavor dishes – tofu-based dishes included. We were honored to have the Guardian write up our Vegetarian […]