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Fiji Water Shanghai Guide 2014

Fiji Water Shanghai Guide 2014

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UnTour Shanghai vegetarian tour Guardian Shanghai

“We’ve been running street food tours under the name of UnTour Shanghai for about two years, and we were getting a surprising number of emails from people saying: ‘I’m a vegetarian, can you help me?'” Barys says. “We were incorporating advice for vegetarians in our regular street food tour but there was enough demand to launch a separate tour.

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Sphere magazine

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China Daily

Elle NL


(Dutch:) “De Amerikaanse Jamie Barys leidt als ‘Chief Eating Officer’ van UnTour Sjanghai ( toeristen naar het goedkoopste street food, de obscuurste vleesgerechten en de lekkerste noedelsoepen van Sjanghai. Jamies Oodles of Noodles-tour brengt je langs een aantal van de talrijke hole in the wall-restau- rantjes, verscholen in steegjes die je als toerist in het voorbijgaan niet eens zou opmerken, laat staan dat je er binnen durft te stappen.” Pg. 1 Pg. 2 Pg. 3 Pg. 4

that's shanghai

Guests are in town but you can’t afford to take every day off from work. What to do, what to do? Send them on their way to get a taste of Shanghai with these merry guides.


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There’s nothing like eating as locals do to get to know a city.



Country Life Travel

“I’m taking part in the Oodles of Noodles itinerary…their food inspired tours are limited to six people, so they can focus on out-of-the-way places that most visitors would never otherwise discover”




Be the Anti-Tourist – July 2012

“So when I heard about UnTour Shanghai, which runs unconventional excursions that include bar crawls, group runs, street eat adventures and local market explorations, I was immediately intrigued. They just launched a dumpling tour, which involves stops for xiaolongbao, wontons and more. As someone who can devour over a dozen in one sitting and is a novice jogger, I know now which guides I’m turning to the next time I’m in Shanghai.”


Elegant Bustle and Energetic Ambition in China – June 2012

“It should have been no surprise that China continues to be the home of good food. I joined an excellent food tour of Shanghai’s backstreet noodle restaurants and had a real gastronomic treat – I would never have guessed that peanut-butter-flavoured noodles would be so extraordinarily delicious.”



Shanghai: Culinary Tours in China’s Largest City – June 2012

“Guests on the Dumpling Delights tour are taken on a stroll through Shanghai’s former French Concession, where they sample everything from potstickers fried on the sidewalk to steamers full of har gow (Cantonese style shrimp dumplings), and xiaolongbao (Shanghainese style soup dumplings). During the tour, guests explore a Shanghainese wet market, an urban park, and a traditional Chinese lilong neighborhood.”


Happy Feet – April 2012

“Shanghai is both old and new, frenetic and slow, rough and smooth and ageless yet growing. The company UnTour Shanghai designs running tours that take guests pass all these different facets of Shanghai and more. Run through the beautiful French concession, go through Fuxing Park where the elders practice Tai Chi and amateurs do calligraphy, past narrow alleys and market streets before ending up at the waterfront under the watchful eye of Pudong’s Oriental Pearl TV Tower. Their Blade Runner Nights are perfect to fight off jet lag, bringing you through some classic neon-signed alleys and night markets before ending at the Bund for Shanghai’s famous skyline.”


Market Tours Offer Travelers a Make-It-Yourself Feast – May 2012

“UnTour Shanghai’s cooking tours take small groups to a local wet market to pick out products and haggle over prices before heading to a kitchen in the former French Concession. Students in the two- to three-hour classes learn to make stir-fry dishes in woks or delectable dim sum by hand.”


Expat Interview: How to Untour Shanghai – April 2012

“Today we meet Kyle Long, an expatriate who loved his student life in Shanghai so much that he decided to stay. Unable to find a job that interested him and met his needs for a challenge, Kyle took the bull by the horns and started his own business: Untour Shanghai, a tourist offering that combines his busines partner’s love of food with his own love of running. Here Kyle talks about his time in Shanghai and provides valuable advice for expatriate entrepreneurs who want to suceed in business.”


A Day With Colonel Noodles – April 2012

“UnTour Shanghai offers alternative experiences of the city and is run by two expats, Jamie Barys (Chief Eating Officer, leader of the tour in question and hereafter referred to as Colonel Noodles) and Kyle Long (Chief Running Officer and leader of their Shanghai running tours). They walk a thin and rewarding line that oscillates between pushing the uninitiated China visitor out of their comfort zone while simultaneously providing a let-me-hold-your-hand-and-tell-you-it’s-going-to-be-okay safety net that leaves their charges staring in wide-eyed wonder at say, the controlled-riot inside a good Shanghai noodle spot.”



Eat Your Heart Out – May 2012

“Last Tuesday, 6 March 2012, I strapped on my eating pants and took to the streets. I had been invited to participate in an UnTour Shanghai breakfast excursion, a process they describe on their website as an “urban adventure”. I wore boots, carried water and packed no lunch… I take a bite of c?ng yóu b?ng. City walls crumble, cries of victory echo overhead, eagles soar majestically. I swoon. I go blind, see the light. It is out-of-this-world crispy on the outside and melt-in-your-mouth soft on the inside.”


There is no Finish Line, Talk Magazine – December 2011

“Kyle Long, co-founder of UnTour Shanghai, a tour group that offers sightjogging and guided runs to tourists and local residents looking to keep fit, is aware of the hurdles that Nike needs to overcome in order to change the perception of and attitude toward running in China.

“’There’s something to the group mentality in China. You can identify with a collective group, so basketball and other team sports are more popular,’ says Long.”

Walking Tours of Shanghai – May 2011

“A visit to a nearby food stall yields a delicious Chinese breakfast of champions with jianbing and shengjianbao, but there’s plenty more to eat. Your guide leads you through alleys to delicious noodle and dumpling joints, then you’re served green onion delights by the only man in Shanghai who makes them; locals have been known to queue for hours to get their hands on his savoury morsels.”

No Jobs in the U.S.? I’m Moving Abroad! –September 2011

“We offer tourists and guests visiting on business a range of half-day culinary experiences, from an expansive tour of China’s delicious noodles to a wet market tour and Chinese cooking workshop, night  markets, oddly edible  “weird meat” and tea ceremonies.

For the non-foodies, I have routes of anywhere from 10-25Ks, so that we can jog together and I can point out all the main sights of the city in just a few hours and give a little history.”


Street Food Breakfast Extravaganza – September 2011

When our friend M visited last week I knew she’d be game for a morning dedicated to street food, and I had recently heard that Untour Shanghai was offering small group street food breakfast tours. Untour seem to have the edge in terms of tours that might actually be interesting, even for a local.”


Jog Without Smog – May 2011

“One jogging tour can take in the former French concession, heritage architecture, traditional shikumen (stone-gated) houses, old town’s narrow streets, temples and a bustling market.

Early morning joggers watch people practicing tai chi and others eating traditional breakfasts of pancakes, xiaolong mantou (steamed dumplings stuffed with meat) and shengjian (fried dumplings).”


The 10 best Shanghai tours for the truly tour group-phobic – April 2011

Highlight: According to UnTour’s Kyle Long, starting early in the morning takes runners to parks “full of exercising octogenarians, as well as the little hidden alleyways in Old Town that are sometimes no wider than two people standing shoulder to shoulder. It’s a perfect way to see the contrasts of the city.”


When is a tour not a tour? A running UnTour of Shanghai – April 2011

“Launched last year by expat pals Kyle Long and Jamie Barys, UnTour offers Shanghai adventures like no other. Between them, Kyle and Jamie have got seven years’ worth of Shanghai experience and they’ve put their collective expertise, knowledge and personal passions together to present a collection of off-the-beaten track eating,running and cultural explorations of the city—letting you be a tourist without feeling like one.”


Frühstück to go (Breakfast to Go) – April 2011

“Jamie und Kyle haben vor zwei Jahren ihr alternatives Stadtführungsunternehmen UnTour gegründet, mit ihnen war ich eigentlich Ende des Monats auf eine Weird Meat-Tour verabredet, aber dann fragten sie, ob ich heute spontan mit zum Frühstücken gehen wolle. Und da mein Mantra für dieses Jahr „Klar, warum nicht“ ist…”

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