Our Foodie Tour Team

The Shanghai Food Experts

We’ve been scouring Shanghai’s hidden food scene for decades, and leading guests to the city’s hidden gems for more since 2010. We take pride in our restaurant, food and city history knowledge – our guides go through a rigorous training process and are active in the F&B industry – from food writers to industry professionals, our bilingual guides get rave reviews. Find out more about us below.

Jamie B.
Co-Founder & Guide

When she’s not eating food, she’s writing about it. The former dining editor of China’s longest running English language magazine, Jamie spends her days finding the city’s best hidden gems and learning secret recipes in the kitchens of the best restaurants. From holes in the wall frying up the best shengjianbao to Michelin starred chefs serving foie gras feasts, she’s always hungry for more.

Kyle L
Co-Founder & Guide

A freelance editor and writer by day and foodie at every other time, Kyle has eaten and cycled his way around the world. From Chile to Germany and then back to China because he just can’t resist bowls of steaming sesame noodles at any time of day. Kyle is also working on jogging every street in Shanghai. Since that may take a while, in the meantime he loves showing visitors how delicious Shanghai really can be.

Heather S.
Operations Assistant

Heather comes from a background in digital marketing and since moving to China four years ago, she has discovered many new favorite foods and loves trying to recreate them at home. When she isn’t cooking or eating she can be found looking for new places to explore.

Lauren H.
Night Markets Guide

Lauren landed in China in 2010 for a “ten-month adventure”. She blames the soup dumplings for keeping her here longer. Formerly an editor at That’s Shanghai magazine, Lauren has sampled, and written about all-things Shanghai. She loves ‘run’-touring, which has taken her racing down (and up) the steps of the Great Wall, exploring the wilds of Inner Mongolia, and shuffling through the back alleys of Shanghai.

Jasmin O.
Night Markets Guide

Jasmin first visited China in 1989, fell in love with salt and pepper pigeon on a train going south, and didn’t stop visiting until she finally moved in 2007. With a family motto of “minimum five meals a day” when travelling, finding and feeding is in her genes. Food is discovery, history, culture, and nostalgia all rolled up into a tasty, moreish, deep-fried ball. In-between eating or planning her next meal, Jasmin is an architect with a great love of traditional Chinese architecture.

Shirley P
Night Markets Guide

Born in Beijing and raised in Tokyo & Vancouver, Shirley is a part-time digital nomad and full-time food enthusiast. Her globetrotting adventures has led her skydiving in Hawaii, hitchhiking in India and leading foreign tourists through the Big Apple. Since emigrating China as a mere toddler, she decided to get back in touch with her roots, and Shanghai seemed like the perfect place. Her favorite food includes late night Hai Di Lao hotpot and dumplings.

Tracy M.
Night Markets Guide

Tracy came to China in 2011 to study Mandarin, found a passion for education, and is staying for her day+ job to change the way the world learns (and teaches) languages. However, she definitely misses Portland food carts and Suzhou tangmian. She loves Sichuan peppercorn and cooking, but with excellent Chinese and international cuisine available in Shanghai, it’s hard to do it all! Besides all that, she tries to make time for writing, drawing, and trying to keep up with her reading list.

Elsa W.
Night Markets Guide

Elsa fell in love with Chinese culture and food when she first started learning Mandarin in 2012. She loves traveling, trying new food and studying languages (she can speak four languages and still wants to learn more). Elsa eats almost everything, especially spicy dishes. She spends most of her time teaching English to college students and plans to pursue a master’s degree in teaching Chinese.

Lindsay R.
Street Food Breakfast Guide

A self-proclaimed spice addict (with a penchant for the infamous mouth-numbing mala), Lindsay has been living in China since 2008. Returning to Shanghai after jaunts in Guangzhou and Hanoi, she’s been around the proverbial foodie block a few times. When not UnTouring, you can find Lindsay at AmCham Shanghai or her neighborhood gym.

Sherry C.
Dumpling Delights Guide

Sherry was raised to be a foodie. If her family wasn’t conversing about their current meal, then they were reminiscing about past dinners or salivating over the next. Her palate was fine-tuned through traveling the globe and spending slices of her life in New York, Taipei, Paris, Toronto, Byron Bay and Hong Kong. In between meals, Sherry is a certified yoga teacher and enjoys sharing stories with fellow foodies and yogis alike.

Li L.
Street Food Breakfast Guide

Back in Shanghai after spending 10 years mostly in Hawaii, Li’s hometown is located in Guiyang, Guizhou and he grew up in Zhuhai, near Macau. Growing up he loved food, especially dumplings, and he’s excited to share his food culture with guests and expats. He worked in tourism and the restaurant industry in Hawaii, making him a perfect foodie guide fit!

Sophia N.
Night Markets Guide

Sophia came to Shanghai first in 2013 to complete an internship –  this is when she fell in love with the language and more importantly: the Chinese cuisine – whatever the size, shape, smell or texture – if it’s food, she is more than happy to try it. She can’t hold a conversation without talking about her favorite dishes and giving advice on where to find the best xiaolongbaos in town!

Topher B.
Night Markets & Dumpling Delights Guide

Christopher grew up in Kentucky and arrived in China in 2001. He spent the next 7 years traveling to every corner of the country in various guises. During that time, he explored the outstanding diversity in Chinese culture, picked up Mandarin, and ate everything in sight. He’s had both feet firmly planted in Shanghai since 2008. Ask him about the local improv comedy scene.

Jim W.
Night Markets Guide

Born and raised in Shanghai, Jim has experience as a tour guide for foreign guests traveling all over China. He aspires to Anthony Bourdain levels of foodie greatness. Walking around the city imagining himself in a movie scene is his favorite little hobby. Ask Jim about traveling to China’s lesser-known regions – he knows it all!

Rose M.
Night Markets Guide

Rose came to China in 2007 to work for an NGO based in Gansu, China’s remote northwest province. While there she became fascinated with Chinese characters and with exploring the local night markets, becoming particularly fond of the famous Lanzhou hand-pulled noodles. During the day, Rose works as a teacher at Jiaotong University and as a freelance translator. At the weekends, she’ll mostly be found eating her way around Shanghai and attempting to make sense of the local dialect! Ask her about places to visit in China’s remote northwest.

David F.
Night Markets Guide

David first made his way to China in 2011 to study Mandarin in Beijing. 4 years, 3 cities, and several thousand lamb kebabs later, he found his way to the Shanghai Untour team to lead fellow food lovers to discover new tastes and experiences in Chinese food. David loves cooking nearly as much as eating and can frequently be found in the kitchen making a tremendous mess. When not guiding food tours, David is guiding Western nuclear technology companies to success in the Chinese market and breaking it down on the salsa dance floor.

Kellee L.
Street Food Breakfast Guide

Kellee gleans her food background from her passion for cooking and from her upbringing in Malaysia. A frequent world traveler, she also takes lengthy sojourns in Spain and North America for more cooking ideas. When not cooking, eating or guiding, she takes pictures of art deco buildings in Shanghai and digs up their history. This is Kellee’s eighth year in the city, which she now calls home.

Stefanie D.
Night Markets Guide

Stefanie first visited China in 2008 before the Beijing Olympics. Her fascination with the Chinese language and love of cheap street eats, particularly dumplings, brought her back to live in Beijing in 2011. Since then she has lived in Taipei and eventually found her way to Shanghai, where she is now training for her first marathon to work off all that street food.

Chahin C.
Night Markets Guide

Having grown up in the UK, Nigeria and Lebanon, Chahin has always felt most comfortable in multi-cultural settings making Shanghai a perfect home! Not ready to get an office job out of college, he landed here in 2006 to study Mandarin and see a part of the world he had not yet experienced. Chahin is happiest when he is eating, drinking and being merry with friends! He launched his passion project in 2012 making and selling his own brand of hummus. He recently accepted a position at his dream company and is in the process of moving from hummus to tech!

Nyima P.
Dumpling Delights Guide

Half Tibetan and half British, Nyima has lived in China for five years. Although she loves almost all Chinese food, especially spicy Sichuan dishes, as the granddaughter of a street-side jiaozi seller, she is biased towards dumplings. When she is not introducing guests to the wonders of dumplings, she can be found furiously editing one of the local expat magazines.

Dominic N.
Street Food Breakfast Guide

Born in Hong Kong and raised in Toronto, Dominic first visited Shanghai in 1998, where he immediately fell in love with shengjianbao, xiaolongbao and guotie – really, nearly all forms of fried and steamed dumplings. He’s been living in China since 2009, writing and editing food and lifestyle articles for English publications in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Brenda G.
Street Food Breakfast Guide

Originally from Singapore and having spent most of the past decade in the United Kingdom, Brenda came to Shanghai two years ago and dove straight into discovering the city’s best hole-in-the-walls and local eats. When not eating or working in the media industry, she enjoys backpacking and amateur photography.

Thomas S.
Night Markets Guide

Thomas arrived in Chongqing, southwest China in 2012, were he developed a love of the in-your-face, fiery flavors of Sichuan cuisine. Moving to Shanghai two years ago to pursue a career in the alcohol industry, he still loves to find time to explore the diversity of Chinese cuisine.

Andres D.
Night Markets Guide

Andrés was born and raised in Mexico City. He lived in Wisconsin, Vichy, Dublin and Lyon before deciding to call Shanghai home in 2010 years ago. His first week in the city was enough for him to obsess over Chinese language, culture and especially food. When Andrés is not creating and promoting international education programs in China, he’ll be sharing his love for all things spicy.