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UnTour Shanghai is an urban adventure tourism company specializing in street food tours. Thanks to consistently high customer feedback, UnTour Shanghai is rated Shanghai’s #1 culinary tour operator by the users of the popular online travel community, TripAdvisor.


Chief Eating Officer: Jamie B.


When she’s not eating food, she’s writing about it. The former dining editor of China’s longest running English language magazine, Jamie spends her days finding the city’s best hidden gems and learning secret recipes in the kitchens of the best restaurants. From holes in the wall frying up the best shengjianbao to Michelin starred chefs serving foie gras feasts, she’s always hungry for more.


Chief Food Officer: Kyle L.

about us kyle

A freelance editor and writer by day and foodie at every other time, Kyle has eaten his way around the world. From Chile to Germany and then back to China because he just can’t resist bowls of steaming sesame noodles at any time of day. Kyle is also working on jogging every street in Shanghai. Since that may take a while, in the meantime he loves showing visitors how delicious Shanghai really can be.


Guide: Monica L.


Seven years in China has given Monica a (mostly) healthy obsession for sussing out and tasting local fruits and vegetables – a hobby that coincides with her love of eating and Chinese cuisine. By day Deputy Editor and Food Writer for That’s Shanghai Magazine, by night you’ll find her perusing the streets on her bicycle, devouring an array of high-end and low brow bites.


Guide: Jen H.

jenJen’s passionate about food. She loves eating and cooking (but she’s definitely much more adept at eating). When she travels, Jen is mostly concerned about planning out the meals, and then figuring out what sights there are to see around the eateries.



Guide: Alice H.

hu_expo_201 Having lived in Shanghai for five years, Alice has welcomed many visitors and has a mental rolodex of places to indulge oneself in the ever changing city. Her Shanghai expertise comes from starting and running Shanghai Daily Secret (a lifestyle email newsletter) for two years. She will eat almost everything… just please no stinky tofu and chicken feet.


Guide: Dan M. 


Dan first studied abroad in Shanghai in 2005, and the food is one of the main factors that has kept him here so long.  While the dining scene has changed exponentially over the last 10 years, he still has a permanent place in his heart for Shanghai’s classic traditional local eateries. He is also a founder of Shanghai Pickleback Company, introducing the New York cult favorite shot to the Shanghai F&B scene, and spicing up many a food festival ever since.


Guide: Carla B.


‘Passionate about the basics, Carla finds that the realm of philosophy: ‘what is true, what is good and what is just’ should be extended with ‘what’s on the menu today’. If she is not hunting for information in her urban habitat, she can be seen waiting for her CSA veggie basket. ‘



Guide: Mitch C.

Flipping MitchMitch loves food and languages, both of which are reasons he loves living in China.  There is always a new dialect, cuisine or dish to learn about.  When not cooking, eating or studying random languages, he  runs a web design company.





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